What is altLAN?

altLAN was born out of the idea of a social event bringing a predominately online community together, to put faces to Online names, to have a drink with like-minded friends and talk about life beyond the screen in front of us, all whilst showing off our gaming skills (or lack of) in-person.

Dave (certificate18), Chris (ch8rt) and a handful of legendary volunteers have taken it on a good few steps from there, upping the production values and event creativity – along with buckets of effort – to create a weekend like no other.

With games and events that will bring even the most elusive personalities to the surface, along with the competitive spirits – some known, some not. Chill out zones and activities that allow us to simply be around ‘our own kind’. The ultimate challenges of the Nail Game and Quad Shot, mixed with the Saturday night quiz, seems to resemble a moshpit more than anything else. Nobody would be surprised if you joined the ranks of altLAN legendaries that have muttered the words “I don’t think I turned my computer on… again”.

We’ve mentioned drink a few times so this should be clear, but altLAN is a strictly over 18s event 😉

A few words from those that have experienced it first hand…

I can’t believe it’s over already, when is the next one?

Kirsty / Lilasaur

I’m not sure how I managed to win the QuadShot, I’ve never played any of those games before.

Iain / Iain

I need to sleep now.

Jason / DastardlyJay

There aren’t enough words to describe the amount of enjoyment I had

Kelton / Gooday

It’s all one big beautiful blur at this point, but I can’t wait for the next one.

Chad / Chad