Quick fire altLAN Q&A

Is there an age limit?

We are an over 18’s event. This is a break away from the everyday and a chance to let your hair down so to speak and we cannot cater for any youngsters because of this.

When can I arrive?

Scheduled events will begin around 2pm on the Friday, you can arrive before then, and get setup and settled in (we’re a friendly bunch), but we may still be dealing with getting everything just right, and we’re not afriad to ask for help 😉

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Absolutely. There is limited kitchen access (think kettle, microwave etc), and we’ll supply some basics for tea and coffee. There’s usually a mass takeaway order or two floating around, and of course, there will be a legendary breakfast included in the ticket to kick start your Saturday and Sunday mornings.

What facilities are on offer?

It’s not the Ritz, but we have showers, and bathrooms large enough for a strip wash if you prefer.

What about sleeping?

A collection of shared bunk bed rooms down two wings, be prepared to share rooms with a couple of other attendees, but we’re far from crammed in.

Can I bring a second monitor?

Everyone will be greatful if you didn’t. You’ll be encroaching on your neighbours space. A single monitor, below 32inch is sensible.

Can I bring a mini fridge / heater / fan?

Power is a major issue with this much equipment setup, so we can’t accomodate these unfortunately, we’ll do everything we can to make you comfortable of course, and there are fridges available, as well as the more low-fi ‘bucket o’ cold water’.

Is there parking?

Yep, right by the main hall as well, we do ask that after you’ve unloaded you move a little further away so everyone gets the easiest loading and unloading experience.

Will my stuff be safe?

We have been running these kind of gaming events for many years now and we are pleased to say we have never had any issues regarding missing equipment etc.

Of course you can never say never and we hope that by having all attendees registered and by having event admins always present and the fact that a few people are always awake even in the very late hours your equipment will be safe.

Are there prizes on offer?

Beyond pride and bragging rights? No. We are all about inclusivity at altLAN, and will do everything in our power to level the playing field to offer friendly competition that can be enjoyed by everyone.